7 simple ways you can improve your websites user experience


When you own an online business or have a business of any kind making sure that your website’s users experience is an outstanding one should be at the top of your priority list. After all your clients and customers are who keep the lights on, and they should be taken care of in all aspects of your businesses experience. I’ve put my favorite 8 ways you can improve your websites experience on your own without burning your whole site down and starting from scratch!

When you visitor is not having a good experience you could be:

  • Leaving money on the table
  • Losing trust with people who you’d love to work with
  • Not truly reflecting the type of business you are (an expert who cares deeply or their clients or customers)
  • Unintentionally making yourself look like an amateur (when you’re not)
  • Losing leads and listing building opportunities

In a dream scene you’d hire a web designer or team to hand your website over to but, right now that’s not in the cards. So, now what?! Good news my friend, just because you’re still growing and finding your groove doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a site that could be rappelling your dream clients.

1. Updating Your Fonts

Take a look at the fonts that you are currently using. The fonts you use can say a lot and can send the wrong message if chosen incorrectly. Not only stylistically but more importantly you want to make sure your text is easy to read for your visitor. Without a comfortable and enjoyable reading experience, you can send you visitor running.

One thing to also be sure of is that you can use your fonts commercially. There is a slew of fun freebie fonts out there, but that does not me they are free game to use professionally.

Here are some of my favorite place to find commercial friendly fonts:

Pro tip: Be sure that they are conveying the professional look that you want by using no more than 1-3 fonts. Pick a Header font, a body font and accent font.

2. Updating Your Colors

Over time the vibe of your business can change. Or maybe you experiment with a few different color schemes, and now things are looking a little busy on your site.  Color is something that is so importing to invoking a feeling or mood; you want to make sure this is on point. Updating and simplifying your colors can be just the change your site needs to create a better visual experience for your visitor.

Here are some of my favorite place to find color inspiration:

Pro tip: Keep it simple and chose one main color, one neutral color and 1 call to action color this will keep your site looking clean and professional. A call to action is anything you want you’re visitor to click on like, links and buttons.

3. Update Your Images

Images will make or break your site. When we see an image, it can create an experience of connection or rejection. Have you ever been to a website with terrible imagery and then to another with higher quality images? Chances are, you trusted the site with high-quality photography more, they’ve taken the time and investment to create connection visually for you. The best way to create a connection and pleasant experience for your visitor through images is with a professional photo shoot with a photographer who specializes in branding, but if that’s not something you can do, I suggest using premium stock images.

Here are some gorgeous fail proof free or paid images:

Pro tip: When looking for images keep an eye on for two things. One: that they make sense of your story, vibe or purpose. Two: choose ones that all have the same feel and edited similarly so that your site looks consistent in style. 

4. Update Your Copy

Just like an in-person convo will create a certain feeling and experience so will the one you’re having through text on your site. Go through your pages make sure what you’re saying is not only current but also that you are talking to your #1 client in a way they relate too. Are you telling them what you do? Are you letting them know how they can work with you? Sometimes saying less can be more, remember always to be as succinct as possible.

Here is my favorite book right now for messaging: Build Your StoryBrand

Pro tip: Your copy next to images is on the top of my must-have pro list. A great copywriter can be a little out of budget if your first starting out. A solution would be to find a copywriter that you like or LOVE and see if they offer copy reviews. They aren’t writing for you, but they can help you make your copy much more polished and pro by going through what you already have.

5. Make Sure You're Site Is Mobile Friendly

Chances are some if not all of your clients or customers have a phone and use it to browse websites. Visit your site on your device to make sure that things are overlapping, you can click on all your buttons and everything is nice and tidy. Most website templates or builders that aren’t any older than 2 years.

  1. Make a list of all the pages that need cleaning up on mobile
  2. Go through your site and fix each of those pages.

Pro tip: If your site isn’t fixable and it hard to navigate on mobile. It’s time to think about updating your site. My favorite builder that makes mobile edits easy is Elementor for WordPress and any Squarespace Template has nice mobile built in.

6. Review Your Client Testimonials

If you have testimonials on your site. Review them to make sure they still makes sense with your what your offering. If not this doesn’t mean need to take them down all together but could they go someone else on your site? Check the length. Your testimonials don’t need to be 3 paragraphs long you want to show the best parts that connect with your ideal client and the show the results working with you. If you don’t have an image with them do your best to get these from your clients!

Cringing because this is something you’ve totally forgotten to do? Grab this script, make it your own and send it off to your dreamiest clients that you’ve worked with!

“Hey _______,

I wanted to reach out to you because I would love to feature you on my site. If you would like to share the experience you had working with me I’ve made it super easy for you with these 4 questions. 

  • How did you feel before we started working together?
  • How did you feel after we worked together?
  • What was the best part of working together?
  • Was there anything that would’ve made your experience working with me even better?

Please include your favorite headshot, after you send this back my way I will put it into paragraph form and send you the link once it’s live on my.

Thank you so much for your input and time! “

7. Check all your links and update your site

It’s easy to forget the little things, but those few things are not working or working will make the world of difference when someone visits your site. Checking functions like, buttons, links, and updates are essential to do monthly! If your like me even though we run digital-based businesses good ol’ paper and pen still helps with the day to day tasks. I’ve created a monthly checklist for you to make sure that you’re users aren’t getting dead links, send to the wrong place or unable to buy what they need!

Grab your free checklist  (no sign up, just free!)

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