Vibrant health and wellness website redesign using WordPress & Divi

Business & Project Details

The health and wellness world is no stranger to most of us, Lauryn has a unique method that helps girls navigate through finding happiness inside and out.

Her problem: Lauryn had many ideas, products, and a site that she had worked hard on but still it was unorganized and didn’t reflect the business she had built.

Some key components we focused on where:

  • Narrowed down her goals, her customers, and her expertise.
  • Fine-tuned her copy to speak more to her market
  • Optimized and organized her pages for easy navigation
  • Created an opt-in

Lauryns biggest goals where to make more sales and grow her list and within 24 hours of Lauryn’s re-launch, she was she was adding to her email list and began to sell her signature program, something she was struggling to do for 2 years.

Client Experience

"Kayla has been the shining star in a sea of website people. She goes deeper into the heart of the message you want to share with the your people online, and she helps you draw it out in her process. Throughout our project, Kayla was not only a designer but she became a confidant, a mentor, and a friend. Her heart and passion for her work will help you get clear and be seen in the clutter noisy online world."
Dr. Lauryn Lax
Founder of Thrive Life

Project Screenshots

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Hi! I'm Kayla Rose Fields, Sr. Digital Experience Designer, Digital Marketer & Front-end WordPress Developer.

If you’re a big hearted brand with something new the works or a growing business. I can help you look your best online and take you business to the next level.