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Online Entrepreneurs

If you're an online entrepreneur ready for a beautiful site that's strategic in modern marketing, and gives your visitors a top of the line experience.
This is for you.

The Online Entrepreneur Essentials Package 

The Online Entrepreneurs Essentials Package is for the online entrepreneur who's been in business for at least 3 years and includes strategic planning and the custom redesign of your new website.

Your website redesign is a highly collaborative process and I’m here to help you improve your online business by designing a website that:

  • Is both smart in online strategy and stunning visually.
  • Is something you're proud, reflects your business and attracts the right people.
  • Provides and user friendly experience for your visitor that feels genuine but also savvy in modern marketing.
  • Elevates your online presence and improves your opt-ins, and sales.
  • Creates an experience for you that takes all the hard parts, details and moving pieces of creating a beautiful and functional website. You’ll be taken care of with a plan, organization and expertise to manage and execute the entire project

What's Included

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A Fully Customized Mobile Responsive Website
  • Site Map
  • Website Content Planning
  • Wireframes
  • Style Guide
  • Site Prototyping
  • The Visual Design & Technical Development 12 pages including custom Blog (Typical example below)
    • Home 
    • About 
    • Main Service/Offering Page
    • Service/offerning Landing Page 1
    • Service/offering Landing Page 2 
    • Service/offering Landing Page 3
    • Contact 
    • Contact Thank You 
    • Blog Landing Page
    • Blog Post 
    • Blog Archive 
    • Custom 404
List Building Experience Design & Integration
  • Opt-in Landing Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Opt-in Delivery Page
  • Up to 10 Social media ad templates
  • Opt-In PDF up to 8 pages
Full Support & Expert Guidance
  • 3 x 60-min strategy & planning calls
  • Guided Tools, Exercises & Resources
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration with contractors
  • 30 Days Of Email Support After Launch
  • Custom Website Tutorials

Our Website Design Process

When your redesigning your website and entering a new phase of growth in business, it’s important that you not only have a solid plan but the organization, communication and expertise to execute it. Rosemarks 3 Phase process is what sets us apart. 

Phase One - Planning

Timeline: Approximately 3-5 weeks

Phase One is all about planning a website that supports your goals and creates an experience for your #1 visitor. With the right planning, we'll create a website that shines the light on the expert that you are, cultivates a connection that creates an outstanding experience for your market throughout your site and a project plan that prevents unexpected costs, timeline crunches, and budget increases.

We'll use tools like customer journey Maps, client interviews, heat-maps and others real data for an in-depth look at the needs and desires of visitors. Our Research and Discovery will keep us grounded in knowing who you need to be focusing on through all aspects of your website.

Your Site Map is a tool we'll design that thoughtfully organizes and illustrates how and where your client will navigate and interact with your site from first glance to booking with you.

Knowing what's going in your site is crucial to your design. We’ll review each page and plan out what type of copy, media, and visuals belong within each of them.

We’ll use your sitemap and content planning to create grey page layouts illustrating functions, graphic elements, structure, and content. This allows us to organize how your visitor will experience each of your pages.

Now that we've researched discovered and planned out your entire website experience, next we'll provide your project blueprint which will include professional and expert recommendations that reflect your website functional and visual expectations.

These recommendations can look like: Additional systems that you'll need for your website like; quiz software, payment portals, and newsletter applications, etc. Or other support such as branding, copywriting, email marketing, photography, and development.

We’ll take a close look at our wireframes, functions, systems, contractors, and other elements crucial to the creation of your website and evaluate your project scope, timeline, and investment for Phase Two.

Phase Two - Visual Designing

Timeline: Approximately 3-5 weeks

Moving into Phase Two with all of your completed content we’ll step into the visual design process using the foundation we've laid out in Phase One. By infusing Phase One, your content and branding we’ll create a connection and build trust with your ideal visitor from the minute they land on your page to the time the press "buy now." Every step of the way, they’ll know what to do next and feel good about the process.

To make our page designing experience effortless, we'll layer in your branding to create guides for your site colors, buttons, headlines and any other commonly used style on your site.

Here we'll use your Style Guide, Wireframes & Content to design you homepage and move one to all your internal pages, all tailored to your look feel and user experience.

Once your page designs are complete, they'll be presented in a preliminary form before going to development. With prototyping, we’ll be able to visually test how your site will look, feel and work.

Phase 3 - Development

Timeline: Approximately 4-6 weeks

We'll begin development on our staging servers and bring the beautiful site we've designed to life. Though major browsers and devices look slightly different from one another, we'll test and adjust to ensure your site is functional across the board. If your project calls for us to bring in an outside developer my role in this phase will be to continue project management and to work hand in hand with the developer to so they have everything they need to ensure expectations are met, and the site is coming along as it should.

Once we've done all the proper testing your site will be moved over to your domain. We'll do additional quality checks to be sure everything is working smoothly.

Then it's time to pop the champagne! Your new website finally ready to ignite more growth, more confidence and more ease into the online business you've worked so hard to build!

Interested in what the process looks like? Take look at a recent project here.

Timeline & Investment For the Essential Package

Begins at $4,200 and a 3 month minimum commitment

Ready For A New Site? Here's How We Can Get Started.

I would love to work with you and help you elevate and grow your business!

To get the ball rolling contact me below by answers a few questions about your business and project. Once I receive your email I'll answer any questions you might have and send a scheduling link for us to meet.

Next, if we decide that we're a good fit and your deposit is received we'll secure your spot on my calendar. Consider your project under way! 

A growing business and large project like this can come with a lot of feelings, hesitations and questions so please let me know if I can help in any way and I'll be happy to email or schedule a call with you.

With all the best your Designer & Strategist,

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"I am super busy right now and all the streamlined processes you integrated into my site are working amazingly well—I feel like the whole thing is such a professional, well-organized package that it really makes my clients feel confident in what they are purchasing. I have turned more inquiries into actual sales because of it.”

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"There are literally thousands of designers floating around... but rarely do they have the combination of beautiful design, smart strategy, and true professionalism that Kayla brings to the table.  I loved her design process that allowed for feedback from myself and the team before we moved on to development. And with her experience in the online business world, the site was fully optimized from the very beginning."

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