The Frequency Method Website Mockup

Website design and user experience strategy for a quiz based website and digital download shop

The Client & Our Challenge

The Frequency Method is the only personality test of it’s kind. 

Ellen Ercolini founder of The Frequency Method mixes astrology with your personality foundation. Your personalized frequency will help you both professionally and personally. From your communication style to business strengths it won’t only tell you what they are but how to use them to better your life. Sounds like magic right? It is.

The Frequency Method site needed:

  • to attract and impressed both corporate and small business
  • a custom quiz that told users what their foundational frequency was
  • a strategy that got users to the quiz
  • a resources center featuring all 9 frequencies
  • a shop that users could get to from almost anywhere in the site
  • the The Frequency Methods overall complex make up to be digestible and  seamless for the user
  • to be designed and developed so that future iterations and growth could happen smoothlyc

The process

Planning & Research

We dove into the project first with research and planning. This was going to be a site with a lot of moving pieces and we needed to make sure we went in prepared in time, budget and resources. 

We researched her market, her brand and what her site needed to do to both impress her market and reach her goals. We planned out all the pieces of her online ecosystem. From how her visitor would join her list and take her quiz to how they would go through the buying process. This was outlined in a detailed site map. 

Once we knew every click they would take we were able to create thoughtful wireframes that laid out the content and how the visitor would experience each page individually. During this phase was also when the complexity of Ellen’s custom quiz came to light.

In typical projects, I take on the development but this was not a typical project, it contained a very complex custom quiz that went beyond my expertise. Providing my clients with the best outcome not only means that I during my best work but that we bring in the best support when need. 

After we knew all the details of what this site needed, we were more than prepared to move on to the design of the site.


Visual Design, Prototyping & Development

Ellen had been practicing The Frequency Method within her consulting business for some time where she had worked with a designer previously that created her original PDF’s. We had a baseline of visuals to go off of but it needed to be expanded into a cohesive look and feel for her entire site.   

We moved into the design process by exploring new creative treatments, textures, colors, and fonts. From there the style guide was created, the style guide would support main elements like buttons, typography, colors and other repeating elements like footers and testimonials. Into our user-focused wireframes, we layered in our style guide, copy and photography to finalize the page designs.

Before handing-off the final files to our developer a prototype was created using Invision, making certain every click and scroll made sense to the user. Once testing and final tweaking were done we worked closely with Evan from Sixteen July in building out The Frequency Method. 

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