How to start marketing online with a Sweet & simple email list builder

So you’re ready to get your feet wet with some marketing but not sure where to start?

Good news, I have some insight and help for you! I’m going to give you the inside scoop on how you can start marketing online with a thoughtful & simple email list builder.

A great way to start is with a PDF freebie (AKA a freemium), introducing your dream client into a bite size experience with you and inviting them to hop on your email list. But a lot of people make this more complicated than it needs to be. I know how easy that can be when there are 3 part courses, big quizzes and ponies being given away. But here’s the thing, you just need to start somewhere. I’m not saying throwing something meaningless together is the answer because creating something thoughtful is ALWAYS the answer but you can do that in a simple more digestible way and that’s what we are going to do!

Now let’s get to it!

Here’s how to create your first list builder PDF and a step by step guide to crafting the ultimate opt in experience.

Step One

Brainstorming & Planning

Before you just jump in and ask your visitor for their internet digits let’s make sure you are creating something that both benefits her and gives a true peek into what it’s like to work with you.

Your list builder or freemium is one way to give a taste of what you are serving up. You should make it great!

Give her a genuine look into the experience and quality that she gets when working with you. Not only will you wow her but you will help her know if you are the right fit.

And your freemium shouldn’t be the only piece that shines. Each step your visitor takes from signup to download during the opt in experience needs to be thoughtful and intentional. Roll out the red carpet for your peeps!

A few things to take into consideration:

  • What are the want or needs of your ideal customer/client?
  • What is most valuable to them and how does it relate to your product or offering?
  • What is it that they need help with that you can help them with?

Not sure? Then ask them. Nothing works better than going straight to the source! Use a tool like Google Forms or my fav TypeForm and send it out to a few of your past favorite clients or post it in an FB group that you run. (If you want to post in FB groups that you don’t run, be sure to ask the admin first or check out group rules, sometimes it will state right there if things like that are okay to do.)

Step Two

What Kind Of PDF To Create

My favorite useful and simple downloads are:

  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Resources
  • Workbook

I’ve put together some mad-lib titles that might give you some inspiration:
Fill these in with your genius solutions to your clients problems

# Days to______________________
# of The Biggest ______________________ Mistakes
# of The Sweetest/Fastest/Best/Killer Ways to______________________
How to Effortlessly______________________
Step by Step______________________ Guide
The Top #______________________You Need to Know Before You______________________
The Best Places to ______________________
The Top # Resources to ______________________
How to ______________________in # Days
# Ways to Say ___________________________

Step Three

Get Your Tech Together

This is a list of tools that I’ve personally used for my opt-ins and what you will need to assemble your amazing opt in experience.




Step Four

Get The Work Done

Being prepared before you dive in and start putting all of the pieces together is key! In this section you will get a good idea of what elements you will need to make this opt-in creation a smooth ride.

NOTE: Depending on the Email Collecting, Opt In Form and/or newsletter provider you choose some of these will vary.


You will need to write the copy for your PDF and for the pages and forms your dream client will interact with. Here is a list of what you can include:

  1. Title for Your Freebie
  2. Draft and edit your PDF
  3. Opt in Signup Form Title
  4. Confirm Your Email Page
  5. Thank You/Download Page

Pick out relevant and pro photos. You can check out my recommended image sourcing spots here:


You will need to create graphics for your PDF and for the pages and forms your dream client will interact with. These are not all necessary but they sure do bump up your visual and overall experience.

  • Opt in Form Graphic
  • Thank You Page
  • 1 PDF Cover
  • Internal PDF Pages
  • 1 Social sharing graphic for your favorite places to share ( Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)

Step Five

Setting Up & Implementing Your List Builder

Once you have created your PDF, graphics and your copy you will put them all together!


This is the page that asks your visitor to confirm their email. It’s nice to have a welcoming and pro experience when asking someone to take an extra step.
Upload your Graphics and Copy


This is the page where you give your visitor a big high-five, tell them thanks and provide them with their download.

  1. Upload your Graphics and Copy
  2. Upload your PDF to your site or a space like Google Drive/ DropBox and place your link on your Thank You page.
  3. Add Your Social Share Links/Buttons

Create your list inside your email marketing provider (Convert Kit, Mailchimp or other)


Grab the HTML code for your list from your e-marketing provider and use it to set up your form, then add it to your site! Depending on your marketing provider, this is also the time that you will add the link to your Thank You/ Download page for them to be directed to once they opt-in.

Step Six

It’s time to test and share

There are so many moving pieces that it’s easy to miss links or steps so be sure to test out your opt-in experience. Sign up yourself or have a few business friends give it a go.

Once you do that all of your pieces are ready to rock and you are ready to give your visitors and dream clients a remarkable first impression of you!

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