Marketing Campaign Landing Page and Promotional Graphics For A Health and Wellness Design Studio

Pixality Design Studio Marketing Campaign

Connie of Pixality is a booked out digital strategist, designer and Certified MINDBODY Business Consultant. She specializes in helping fitness and yoga studios make a name for themselves online.

Connie is launching a course for Health and Wellness studios in the upcoming month. It helps studios improve their email marketing and growing their businesses.

To spark interest and build her list she pre-launch she created an amazing FREE workshop. Connie needed to attract and capture the right people, and that’s where I came in.

Connie brought me on board to create her list building social media ads and promotional graphics. Heres what we did:

  • Facebook & Instagram Promotional Graphics (Delivered in Photoshop so that Connie and her team can tweak as needed for future launches)
  • Landing Page Design  
  • A Top-level Banner Blog Opt-in

Why a Designer would hire a Designer?👏

"Kayla is one of the most talented designers I know so I jumped at the opportunity to bring her into my business operations during a busy season of client projects. As a designer myself, it can be so hard to find the time to work on my own projects, and it can be equally as hard to find someone I trust with my brand visuals. Working with Kayla, I know things are going to be done up to (and often exceeding!) my own expectations and will truly be done faster and better than if I had kept it on my own to-do list. Instead of pushing off my own launches yet another month, I've now got the full spectrum of visual assets I need to put things into action. Kayla not only creates beautiful designs but understands at a deep level brand and launch strategy and how to help me best connect with my clients."
Connie Holen
a digital strategist, designer and Certified MINDBODY Business Consultant

Landing Page and Promotional Design

Pixality After Copy
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