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Website In

a Week
Get online with a gorgeous website in 5 days and start growing your business with confidence. 

Go from invisible to irresistible with a beautiful easy to use website!

Is not having a website holding you back from growing your dream business? Good news, we've taken care of all the hard parts and created something just for you!

  • Spend more time doing what you love, not fumbling with your site

  • No more website shame, finally have a website you're proud of

  • Start attracting your dream clients & growing the business you've been working so hard on


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    A 6 Page Customizable Mobile Responsive Website

    Beautiful, ready for marketing, easy to update and tested on all major mobile devices.

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    Site Style Guide

    You'll get to choose from 2 style boards complete with fonts and colors designed just for your business. Your style guide will be complete with common styles on your site like: headings, how colors are used, buttons and other commonly used site elements. 

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    Copy workbook

    An easy to use content and copy collector created to guide you through every page on your site. Helping you with everything from listing pages to giving you the exact about of words needed in each section.

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    Image List

    A detailed list of images needed to complete your site. *Upgrade option available if  you'd like your images sourced for you.

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    Built In List Building Experience

    Comes with a Mailchimp integration + customizable sign up landing page and thank you page.

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    A Dedicated Site Design and Build Week

    You'll have a dedicated week where our team will work rapidly on creating your new beautiful site.

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    Organized Project Management

    With a project like a website design there are many moving pieces. From start to launch you'll know exactly what to expect and what you need.

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    Customized Tutorials

    Once your site is live you won't be left hanging. You'll receive complete tutorials on how to use and update your new WordPress site.

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    All The Techy Set Up Take Care Of

    We'll take care of all the techy WordPress and listing building backend set up


At least one week before your project start date you’ll receive: an invite to your guided project content collector so you can quickly write out your site copy, an image list of the images you’ll need, a scheduler to schedule our design week meetings and a questionnaire for our discovery call.

Let's get started! We’ll meet for hour to discuss your prep work, and to review your questionnaire. We'll go over your business, what Rosemark template will work best for you business and how the style needs to feel. Our meeting will help us create a foundation to use as a guide for colors, fonts and images on you design day.

Today is the day we get down to design. We'll take all our discovery notes to create the perfect style guide for your site. We'll give you two style boards to choose from that include your colors, fonts and if you've upgraded for image sourcing, you'll view those too. Once you select the one, you like best; we'll move forward and finalize your site style guide.

With your style guide, your copy and images, your site build begins! Along with styling all your pages and adding in all your content. We'll take care of all the overwhelming techy parts from uploading your theme +plus recommended plugins, to hooking up your list building and installing your "how to" tutorials right to your new site!

We'll meet for up two 2 hours to present your site to you, review it and you'll get the chance to make revisions right then and there! During we'll also give you a tour of the backend of your site. You may also request up to 3 custom tutorials that we'll deliver on Friday.

Pop the champs! We'll deliver your site to you and add any custom tutorials you might need. Once we've sent your wrap up launch email, we'll lift the digital curtain, and you're ready to proudly share it with the world and start growing your business online.


I'm so excited you're here! My team and I would love help you create a website you need to accelerate your online businesses growth.

If we haven't met yet, I'm Kayla the owner of Rosemark creative. I've been working with online businesses for almost a decade and know all the in's and outs of designing websites that are clean, beautiful, user friendly and built for modern marketing.

Wondering if this is right for you?

  • If your an online business that's blooming and 3 years or younger.
  • If you're ready to get this done and make some quick decisions so that you can focus on growing your business and making more money.
  • If you need and experienced team on your side that can take all the hard parts, details and moving pieces of a website and not only create something beautiful and functional but plan, organize and manage the entire process.

If you're saying yes, yes and yes!... then you're in the right place.

Timeline & Investment

  • Website In A Week Package

    is $2,295 and 1  week design and build time.

  • Image Sourcing Upgrade

    is $2,495 Website in a week package + custom image sourcing to match your site style

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